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  1. Wish it were so but Democrats show no sign of changing course. Even if people turn independent or Republican, that still leaves tens of millions of the most committed who often hold positions of power at all levels of government and government workforce.

    It will take a generation to counter the anti-human Progressive Marxists and we can’t count on any single politican, random billionaire, or judge.

  2. If this were a private business and the prisoners were free people, then there would be prison time for the people responsible for the decision.

    This is not just out-of-control social experimenting/signaling. It shows that there’s something deeply wrong with the California prison system (and likely most US prison systems to be honest) where the suffering of prisoners was once again ignored.

    My view on prison is that it should primarily be a tool to rehabilitate serious criminals. Not a living hell.

    1. My view on prison is that it should primarily be a tool to rehabilitate serious criminals. Not a living hell.

      Agreed. But based on how it appears everyone is just fine with prison rape jokes, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. People seem to be just fine with ad hoc torture as a major part of the punishment for the incarcerated.

      Which is why I’m in favor of capital punishment. If the goal is to remove these people from society, then let’s have the guts to make it quick and permanent, instead of torturing them in a cage for decades until they finally die.

      (Note that inmates on “death row” are there voluntarily. Yes, they are fighting for their lives, but they never gave their victims a similar opportunity. They can always drop the appeals and have their sentence carried out. (e.g., Gary Gilmore). )

    2. We are in a place where our desire to be compassionate is enabling criminal behavior. Punishment and rehabilitation might be able to happen at the same time but right now, all we have is punishment and the government doing everything it can to help criminals avoid jail and get back out committing crimes as fast as possible.

      The current reformers are just making everything worse for everyone, even the criminals because they aren’t changing their lives for the better.

    3. My view on prison is that it should primarily be a tool to rehabilitate serious criminals.
      Hence its institutionally-approved name: Department of Corrections. Although whether “correction” refers to the individuals or to society (by removing the individuals from it) I’m not sure.

  3. It is an interesting article on a subject I noticed as a problem long ago when some man with a penis on the UK’s version of Big Brother told 2 woman that they didn’t know what it was like to be a woman. The progressive UK media agreed with the trans without a thought of a man telling woman off. So this article was resonating with me until…

    If there’s a better illustration of the upside-down state of politics in 2022 America, it’s a feminist activist group forced to seek cyber-refuge in a Christian fundraising company.

    Tiabbi has a long journey still ahead of him.

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