4 thoughts on “It Is Us At The Gate”

  1. From a “western” perspective granted:
    The Prehistoric Ages -> The Pre-Roman Ages -> The Roman Age -> The Feudal Age -> The Renaissance (Craftsmen & Farmer Age) -> The Colonial Age -> The Gilded Age -> The Mass Production Age -> The Space Age -> The Information Age -> The Internet Age -> The Energy Age -> The Interplanetary Age -> The Grand Expanse Age -> The Physics Age -> The Breakout Age -> ?

    It’s too late for the elites, their horse has left the barn. They can’t control the future. They never could.

      1. They are coming for your excess wealth.
        You mean they are coming for “our” fair share, right?
        Fair share, equity, and “you didn’t build that, you had help”, are dangerous concepts and delusions best left alone.

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