The University

Why I’m leaving it.”

Something is going to have to give.

[Wednesday-morning update]

The Biden administration advances “sweeping” reforms of the federal student-loan program.

The only “sweeping” reform I want to see is to sweep it clean, and eliminate it.

[Update mid morning]

I mentioned this in comments, but wages have dropped for professors.

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    1. For taxpayer supported Universities guess who goes broke first? Will be interesting to see if there’s a consolidation when States lose population and their tax base. Maybe the campus socialists will live up to their creed and stay on pro bono? Yeah, right.

  1. The real culprit here is the zoomers’ tendency to use social media to mob up and go after some target. Had it happen to me when my staff launched a palace coup when I was a bit…impolitic in their presence. As a GenXer I never bought into the kinder gentler PC crap, and as an Aspie I don’t always filter appropriately. Don’t like it? There’s the door…

    The reason I wouldn’t go into academia is that I have no interest in being exploited as an adjunct professor. There’s plenty I could teach – advanced international finance, French, space stuff. But unless we’re talking about a full-time position with decent remuneration I’m not interested.

      1. Hard to run a dog food company when the dogs stop eating the food. Everything the left touches turns into dysfunctional crap.

        The place to start fighting back against the woke virus is the public institutions in the red states. Legislative oversight could be a mighty hammer if the will to wield it exists. If they want to play anti-Semitic marxist games, do it not on the taxpayer’s dime.

      2. The whole thing may be finally imploding.

        Where have I heard that before? Every so often you hit these optimistic notes and then promptly follow them up with dozens and dozens of new left wing horror stories.

        1. “Where have I heard that before?”

          True Jim, but it still is happening. There is going to be a *lot* of horror in between now and then.

          The author is correct that we need *some*other* institution to pass information from one generation to the next than the University, originally chartered in 1088A.D., at Universitat De Bologna, by Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, to train and certify people as being literate enough to be government clerks, without them being more loyal to the Pope than to a ruler who paid their salary.

          It will not be easy to create that. It still must be done. The University, believing it is the core and true embodiment of a righteous society, is treating industrial society as a cancer, and is treating it with 20th Century chemotherapy. That is, it is taking poison, and betting that the cancer, (industrial society) is killed before the University is killed.

          I say, start new institutions outside the University to fulfill the functions it took on recently (last 250 years) outside training government clerks, and let it keep swilling poison till it dies.

      3. Salaries for administrators, especially those in the penumbra of education (Title-IX, DEI, the rest of the communist chorus) are going up.

  2. Got to “the killing of George Floyd” and dropped it. The guy sounds like he has some legitimate concerns, but he’s apparently as much a part of the problem as the people against whom he’s railing.

    1. Well… George Floyd WAS killed.

      Now if he had written “murder of” or “slaying of” etc. I could see how you would be turned off, as I would be, but he used the proper language to reference the event.

      1. “Killed” implies by some action or actor. It’s kinda wimping out, in that it leaves it to the reader to figure out who or what the killer was. (A drug overdose, or “suicide by cop”, or an officer following flawed department procedures*, or a bad cop doing a lousy job.)

        Using “death of” would be more neutral if that is the goal.

        If anyone “killed” St. George Floyd, it was St. George Floyd, whose life was one long suicide attempt. Ultimately, He succeeded, with lots of collateral damage.

        * There was a day two years ago, about a month after the incident, where someone posted a link to the police manual. I looked at it before it got canceled. It, in no uncertain terms, allowed the procedures used that day. It was considered the proper procedure when someone in custody was choking to death on their own vomit or other cases when the airway needed to stay clear. (Sorry to go off topic.)

    2. Yes was killed, and the Police should know more about fentanyl.
      As it is killing more people than car accidents
      or gun deaths.

  3. Loan forgiveness for working at a Democrat activist group or working in government shouldn’t be a thing.

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