3 thoughts on “Leftist Women”

  1. Wait until the workers find out they already control the means of production, themselves.

    Slightly OT, was listening to a HBR podcast about dealing with anxiety and stress. The ladies wanted to be more emotional at work and view their boss and co-workers not only as therapists but as responsible for solving all of their emotional problems.

    It almost sounded ok because if a family member is dying or you just came down with a serious illness or you had a car accident that day, your boss probably wouldn’t mind talking to you about it and how it might affect your work and attendance. But then in the next breath they would say dealing with the news.

    They wanted everyone in the office to help them deal with the news, with events that are not happening to them but that they only read about. By deal with something, they meant total capitulation to Progressive Marxist control of the company and the people who work there. Days off for something they view as bad in the news. Adopting HR policies that cater to their perverted politics and force compliance from co-workers.

    Do these people ever stop and consider that the media they consume are creating these frenzies and panics and that the way to control the anxiety is to stop playing along with the political theatre? Things that are not happening to you, should not constantly dominate every aspect of your life, nor lead you to dominate every aspect of someone else’s life.

    These women have control over their lives. They have power over their actions and who they choose to interact with. When they start accepting the responsibility of sentience, their anxiety will go away. Find a good man ladies, you have all the power.

  2. They call them ‘pre nuptials’? The real question is what are the women offering the men, beyond the obvious, for this legal slave collar?

    Makes me recall the (prophetic?) scene from Cherry 2000(1987):
    Cherry 2000 Dating

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