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  1. It’s interesting how one of the preamble goals mentions fear.

    The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof

    My take on that is that fear is a matter of perception. And there’s only so much you can do. My take is that we already have fully demonstrated both that there are high levels of hysteria and paranoia in developed world societies as well as a variety of organizations that feed that fear – including the people peddling fire arm control laws. One can’t be kept safe from fear that one seeks out.

    1. “The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof”

      So, he thinks words on a piece of paper will prevent criminals from making people victims of gun violence. I guess he believes that criminals, who by definition don’t obey the law, will magically look at those words on a piece of paper and change their ways. That’s some seriously magical thinking right there.

    2. The fear they generate won’t go away, which is why he lists a bunch of Jim Crow laws designed to continuously subject gun owners to the authority and intrusion of the state.

      Why not just ban all guns? Because they need that population of gun owners to scapegoat and punish.

    3. The fear of gun violence? Someone should ask that toad Moore if that NYC bodega owner deserves freedom from fear of getting stabbed, and the freedom from fear of being railroaded for murder, for a clear case of self-defense.

  2. Hoplophobia (fear of firearms[sic]*)
    “Hoplophobia is the irrational fear of firearms. Someone experiencing this mental disorder may endure very intense bouts of anxiety as a result of their fear. Their fear of guns may influence their opinions on society as well. For instance, people with this condition may blame guns as being the reason for why people commit murders and other atrocities, as opposed to blaming the psychological health of the individual.” https://psychtimes.com/hoplophobia-fear-of-firearms/

    (**fear of weapons, *sigh* weapons and/or armed people)

  3. You can’t just ban 3D printers, you have to make it illegal to own the data files used to drive the 3D printer to make a gun lest someone else builds one for you. But since the 1st Amendment allows one to own data in the abstract (books that describe how to make explosives for example) to make a specific collection of information that can be used to automate the making of a gun illegal requires repeal of the 1st Amendment as well.

    1. Michael Moore should have followed in his father’s footsteps and made spark-plugs for a living.

      1. Moore is a professional showman who had his 15 minutes of fame during the Bush administration. Now he’s the political equivalent to Barbara Streisand or Bett Midler, a has been who tweets outrageous stuff to get mentions in the conservative press and likely some blips in the showbiz media.

        1. I’ll give Moore credit for executive producing this. It’s his best work he’s not done, even if I don’t agree with the overly pessimistic premise around climate change.

      1. I want to use a CNC machine to build pipes to haul small lead balls around in a high speed conveyor system that uses compressed air. Guess I can’t base my company in California, but Texas is fine.

      2. You don’t need CNC to build weapons. All it takes is some knowledge and desire. Molotov cocktails and axes are weapons of mass destruction to an unarmed population. A fallen tree limb is not a weapon until someone decides to make it one. The history of Martial Arts contains much of invisibly arming the legally disarmed.

        Not even getting to a capped pipe of modern materials being a muzzleloader at need. Beyond that, how many readers of this blog could make serious weaponry with very basic machine shop tools??

        1. you can build a functioning firearm from various aisles at Lowes….

          And ues that to acquire a much better firearm from someone else.

          1. I always liked the “gun buyback” some cops did where they paid out for a pipe zip-tied to a 2×4 with the words “hi-er point” on it.

    2. He doesn’t want to ban 3-D printers that can make guns. He wants to ban 3-D printers that can make any weapon. Presumably that included knives.

  4. OK, fatboi!

    Get your ‘amendment’ approved by 2/3 of each house of Congress.

    Then, get it approved by 3/4 of each of the State Legislatures, or the voters therein.

    Then we’ll talk about an amicable dissolution of the Republic..or not

  5. “Get your ‘amendment’ approved by 2/3 of each house of Congress…”

    Reassuring. Accept that the true path of repealing the 2nd Amendment as far as the liberal left is concerned would be more like:

    1) Stack the court to “re-balance” it according to more “mainstream” ideas to counter act the “radicalized” court; something like 4 new justices added by Congress approved by Biden.
    2) Revisit the 2nd Amendment decisions with a more “nuanced” view to the idea of the Constitution as a “living document”. Decide that it doesn’t apply to an individual right to keep and bear arms (reversing the recent decision of course); only applies if one is in a now non-existent “state militia”.
    3) States/Feds/Localities would then be free to pass gun control laws out the wazoo.
    4) “Hilarity” ensues, i.e. mass civil disobedience possibly leading to Civil War 2.0 that would make the anti-abortion protests look like a hippy love in.

    1. He’s the jackass who mentioned an amendment. I’m pretty OK with the one we have.

  6. Even if one overlooks all of the first 7 articles, exactly how would #8 be implemented? Does he really expect that all criminals will simply hand over their guns? I’m sure a door-to-door search of inner city apartments, suburban housing, and rural farmhouses will go over swimmingly.

    1. Criminals aren’t the prime objective of gun control. Citizens who might organize against tyrants are.

  7. The really fun thing is, Moore’s proposal isn’t half as deranged as what’s being said by his jacobin fanoys in the combox. “Nooooooo! Waiting periods need to be at least sixty gurjillion months!”

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