13 thoughts on “The Current State Of The War”

  1. From the Other Viewpoint, Russia could just let the Ukrainians into Kherson, creating the first Self-Filling Firesack and Extreme Weight Loss Center.

  2. We’re losing, but Moscow will never admit it.”
    In “Dimitri’s Heroes” they joke about being sent to the Western Front.

  3. ” It was not immediately clear when the conversation took place,”

    That is because this is propaganda. Is it the same phone call the media was talking about months ago?

    Russia got whooped in their opening gambit but this is a new phase of the war and they have shown some adaptations. They still have a lot of problems but their performance have improved. They are slowly gaining ground.

    Things will get spicier this fall and winter with food and energy shortages. It is too bad our country is run by anti-American Progressive Marxists because a strong USA could supply food and energy to our allies and the countries affected by no food coming out of Ukraine.

    1. A game-changer bigger than HIMARS would be the US removing restrictions on drilling coupled with a halt on adding ethanol to gasoline, releasing all of that corn on the international market.

      Nah, like that would ever happen!

    2. That is because this is propaganda. Is it the same phone call the media was talking about months ago?

      Yep, I have to agree with that assessment.

      1. Wish it wasn’t and it might not be but easy enough in any army to find a random unhappy soldier

  4. Retaking Kherson would be the opening move in an offensive aimed at rolling up the entire Russian southern salient and cutting off Crimea on the way to also rolling up the Donbass. Crimea could be pacified in detail at leisure. To launch, then keep such a campaign going, though, would require not only more Western armament, but also the availability of the volunteer and conscript troops who have been in training since early in the war. It may not be logistically feasible to launch such an effort for some time yet. In the meantime even the handful of HIMARS currently in-hand have been very effective in reducing the ability of the Russians to continue their mass artillery operations along the Donbass front.

    1. I haven’t seen much on any training of Ukrainians aside from an article about 10k being flown to the UK for training. I am sincerely interested in reading more about it, if you have any sites to point to.

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