16 thoughts on “Our Woke Military”

  1. It is amazing how fast our institutions can be destroyed but rebuilding them isn’t a switch that can be thrown.

  2. Demo is always quicker than rebuilding.

    And I am glad that my families military tradition ended with my son who retired after 22 years on active duty. Three generations is enough, and today the military is in the worst shape it’s been since 1938

  3. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English Way… ~ Pink Floyd via Thoreau

    At the height of the Vietnam War, when I was in my “prime” in middle school I was of no help. Earning President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness patch might as well have been a marathon to the moon and back trophy as far as I was concerned. I was definitely Army Typist Battalion material….

    1. Anyone can get in shape, it just takes time, and according to the Marine recruiter I talked to, they start off really slow, lol. (Didn’t join the military)

    2. Talking about physical fitness, has anyone heard from Michael S Kelly?

      He commented on Rand’s site on July 8 that he was scheduled for what for him was a risky procedure and that if we didn’t hear from him that we should remember him.

      1. I’m here, thank you. Everything went fine, though I felt like I’d been hit by a truck for a week and a half. Sleeping a LOT, but recovering nicely.

        I was in really good shape at the height of the Vietnam War, and came very close to volunteering. I’m really glad I didn’t…

        1. Speedy recovery. And regardless of what Wodun’s recruiter told him, I don’t recommend Marine Corps boot camp as part of a therapy regimen but who knows? Your results may vary.

          1. My older brother decided the best condition he was ever in was after the short “here’s a full rucksack and we’re going to learn you jungle marching” he got before his Vietnam Riverboat tour… The bicycling 20 miles lately wasn’t “enough” so he decided to get another pack and do it again…

            I told him that he was bonkers…. (I told him I’m not a Spartan and a morning mile walk is enough)

  4. My oldest son served in the USMC, he left the USMC reserves in 2014 (along with 75% of his unit, offered early outs by Obama admin) when his monthly drills became mostly an endless litany of “don’t be a rapist etc” lectures rather than actual military training. I can only imagine how much worse it has gotten in the Rachel Levine era we are now in.

    1. Remember how the military stood up for that drill instructor that confronted some a$$ harassing young women in his neighborhood? Yeah, me either. They wrecked him for doing the right thing.

  5. My older brother was a Vietnam Vet (year in the riverboats), got out, got a Business BA on the GI Bill, got married, got divorced by the cheating [deleted], and then re-enlisted because “I am just drifting and the US Navy will happily tell you where to sleep…”.

    Some years later he already has a “Good 20” and noticed that the new Navy didn’t want a non-Hispanic, white, and male Chief Petty Officer. After four (4) promotion boards he called his wife and said it is time to leave…. Spent another career fixing CT Scanners for GE Medical.

    The Point? I come from a Service Family and listening to this I would tell any youngster that ‘the game is rigged’. Where are we going to get the future career NCOs that are the backbone of the services when the traditional resevoirs ‘lose the faith’?

      1. I don’t think they are doing it on purpose, not that I doubt that they’re doing it. That credits the cretin from Delaware and his minions with far more agency then they have ever exhibited. The “leaders” implementing these policies were selected for the flag lane a long time before any sane person would have believed Biden would be President. This debacle has been at least 20 years in the making.

        Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t close enough to a real war to clear the rot that had been accumulating since at least Korea. We’ve been lucky so far that the oceans have given us enough breathing room to make weeding out the parade ground warriors painful and deadly for the unlucky but possible.

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