6 thoughts on “Clashing Scientific Paradigms”

  1. Been type 2 diabetic for 22 years, treated with metformin. in April of this year I adopted the NSNG (no sugar no grains) lifestyle developed by Vinnie Tortorich. In only nine days my blood sugar returned to normal, and at my checkup last week my A1C, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, enzymes, everything was once again optimal. Weight has dropped to 182-183, that is what I weighed in 10th grade (now age 61). I feel terrific.

    NSNG basically means no sugars, no grains, no potatoes, and no artificial sweeteners. Avoid processed foods. Eat lots of meat and eggs, go full dairy if you don’t have issues with lactose. In fact, skim milk is considered quite bad because the fat is gone and leaves only the sugar (lactose). Have had to study food labels much more because there are so many replacement names for sugar (like turbinado, agave nector, dextrose, galactose, maltodextrin, etc.)

    I never developed a taste for coffee or tea, so I drink only water. But unsweetened coffee and black or green tea are fine.

    All the federal food and health agencies, all of pharma, even the big private folks like American Heart Association, all are fully compromised by corporate money.

    My four months on NSNG have taught me that I always viewed metformin as a fix-all, that I could continue eating what I wanted because the drug would help manage everything. I now realize I am truly the sum total of every decision I have ever made…make better decisions and I increase my sum. Never going back.

    1. Jiminator, that rocks, good for you! I’ve gone on and off keto (it’s hard to resist when my wife orders a delivery pizza) but when I’ve really curb-stomped the carbs my health has improved and my flab has gone away.

      As for the paradigm shift, here’s a site that summarized the Lipivore theory of human physiology and evolution, and I must say it ties together a lot of threads in a unified whole with tremendous predictive value.


  2. Don’t worry Rand. The War on Fertilizer will make food so scarce nobody will remember what obesity or diabetes is.

    This story is fascinating and completely unreported in the US, but I’m sure it’s coming….

  3. There’s a medical treatment for type 2 diabetes in the pipeline that also cures obesity. Given our betters long ago decided the problem was “lifestyle,” I wonder if it will ever emerge from said pipeline. The inscos have already said they won’t pay for it.

    1. You can treat T2 diabetes with three words:


      That’s all it takes. And doing the same for T1 diabetes stabilizes blood sugar, removes the need for fast-acting insulin, and reduces the need for slow-acting insulin. But the diabetes-industrial complex can’t make their accustomed profit margins if people do the sensible thing, so the fear-mongering and flat-out lying go on.

      1. I bought myself a continuous glucose monitor. Pretty cheap, lasts 14 days. Armed with actual data you can cut out just the carbs that are messing you up, and more interesting, you can see when you’re snacking as a response to blood glucose changes (usually just after a peak) and adjust your behaviour. No will power required. No superstitious eating.

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