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  1. Don’t know if this is dragging the Democratic Party and the American people with it either up or down, but HotAir has a story about how West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin “snuck in provisions into the (budget reconciliation) bill” to aid the oil and gas industry.

    For all of the questioning as to whether Mr. Manchin would be better switching to being a Republican or whether after all the heat he got from his own side for opposing the 4 trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill, perhaps to paraphrase the last Lyndon Johnson, Mr. Manchin finds it better to be inside the tent micturating out.

    So apart from the whopping increase to the IRS, perhaps the Left gets to celebrate a truncated Infrastructure/Climate Change/Inflation Fighting Bill that Economists Claim Makes no Difference to Inflation, and perhaps Mr. Manchin “sold out”, but he was no dummy, or at least the oil-and-gas lobbyists who bought and paid for Mr. Manchin according to the HotAir (!) article did their Due Diligence on their expenditure, and the Whatever-You-Call-It-Bill gives, to excuse the pun, a new lease on life for hydrocarbon fuels?

    Of course Mr. Manchin “snuck” those provisions into the bill — he wouldn’t have voted for it if didn’t have those provisions. You also have to wonder how serious the Climate Emergency faction is, especially its vocal members in the House of Representatives, that they went along with this? So politics, at least in the US is about a kind of tribal loyalty and Big Business and Big Oil find a way, but that’s a problem?

    1. At least some of Manchin’s actions may have been mooted because a judge issued a permanent injunction against Biden’s restriction on leases. But that makes me wonder whether Schumer and other top Democrats knew the injunction was inbound and gave up things they knew were already gone to get Manchin to sign on, playing him like a chump.

  2. I don’t think the Uniparty cares. Their chips ore all on “The Big Cheat” again as in 2020, 2018

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