8 thoughts on “One Year Later”

  1. It is interesting how soon the Russian invasion of Ukraine followed that. Putin must have been looking for the right opportunity for years and this came along. I guess we’re lucky that China didn’t follow suit yet.

    The worst kind of warmonger is the weak pacifist warmonger.

  2. This was the biggest foreign-policy disaster of my lifetime

    Was? I have to ask, because 1) it seems to still be on-going as the US is paying the Taliban to allow Americans left behind to get out and 2) has something now exceeded this?

    I admit, Biden has a few more foreign-policy disasters since, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Biden essentially told Putin its ok, so long as it as a minor excursion). There is also begging Saudi Arabia for oil while also calling them immoral. And if he can pull it off, I think Biden may indeed do worse than Afghanistan by bringing back the Iranian deal in which that hostile regime is given billions of dollars to produce a nuclear weapon, so they are not reliant on oil as a country.

    1. I’m kinda thinking it’s more like Schrödinger’s Cat. We may never know if Iran has one or not. It’s a superposition. As long as Iran can keep that in doubt, the West will throw money their way and Israel doesn’t have an excuse to bomb them. These days, weapons can be tested without actually exploding them. Measure certain features prior to reaching criticality and computer models can tell the rest of the story.

      1. As long as Iran can keep that in doubt, the West will throw money their way and Israel doesn’t have an excuse to bomb them.

        Israel will never need an excuse to bomb what it can sabotage remotely.

  3. The main stream media will just act the debacle of the withdrawal never happened; look at current American Covid-19 deaths. Under Trump we gto a daily total of how many died as well as how many died in aggregate. My understanding is that more folks died in 2021 under biden then died in 2019-2020 under Trump. Wonder what the ’22 death toll is? When are “masters” will see fit to inform us?

  4. “This was the biggest foreign-policy disaster of my lifetime, I think.”

    There have been so many between Obama and Biden that it is hard to say but it certainly ranks up there with gifting large swaths of the ME to ISIS by going to war in Libya and bringing back open air slave markets and is as damaging to us as the OPM hack and letting Iran, and China have access to the Beast of Kandahar.

    We also can’t forget Trump trying to get the Germans to stop using Russian energy and getting Arabs and Jews to be friendish with the Abraham Accords.

    1. Don’t worry Trump Maro-A- Lago will make the OPM hack and Beast of Kandahar intelligence lost look like a drip from a leaky faucet

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