4 thoughts on “The Lunacy Of The Left”

  1. Pretty sure that “viewer discretion advised” video is parody Ed. I mean, it seems like the music would be a good tip-off. Ace is here. “little Romulan nerd” LOL. And Victoria Taft.
    Alot of “just when you thought…” on this one. Find myself conflicted between slow head-shaking wonderment and laughing out loud. As I go through the Taft piece I keep saying “no, that one has to be a successful right-wing plant”. But nope, almost certain it’s all genuine.

  2. This is an example of the sanest leftist behavior we have seen recently, which says something about how crazy they have become.

  3. I think this sort of thing is signaling. Nobody would have cared, if they hadn’t bothered to mention it. Now we know they’re protecting their delicate conference attendees from scary, dangerous ungoodspeech.

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