The Space Industrial Base

The report is out from DIU.

I’ve only read the summary so far, but this may be the most forward-looking document on space that I’ve ever seen come from the federal government. It explicitly states that the national goal should be the development and settlement of space (it was edited by Pete Garretson). And note what doesn’t appear in the report: SLS. 😄

I’m cited in the report twice, and I may be doing some consulting for General Butow in the fall. DIU is expected to get a nice budget boost in October (unless there’s a CR), because they impressed the brass in Ukraine.

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  1. All I found, so far, in the document about what I consider a top priority:
    China will continue to expand its space environment governance system… It will study plans for building a near-earth object defense system, and increase the capacity of near-earth object monitoring, cataloging, early warning, and response.”

    The US takes early detection and deflection entirely for granted? It goes without saying?

    1. It seems space race is about what considered the most important, national security.
      But NASA needs to step up with Lunar and Mars exploration.
      We got to know if Mars is the most habitable Planet other than Earth. We say it is, but we don’t know it is.
      If Lunar polar has mineable water is important related our use of Mars. The nature of how much H20, CO2 and other volitiles is lunar polar region is essential to know. But we also can not spend a lot time, on Moon, nor can we completely explore the lunar polar region, if that means delaying exploring Mars.
      Or exploring the Moon should be a way to more quickly explore Mars. Moon is testing ground, but if lunar water can privately mined, that will help explore Mars, faster.
      But I think we need to test artificial gravity {Mars artificial gravity] before we send crew to Mars and should send crew to faster than we say we going to. Or artificial mars gravity should be tested yesterday. And it’s not a billion dollar program, two dragon capsules and a rope, is better than nothing.

    1. Wow. The astronomers have definitely refined their arguments from “megaconstellations will mess up my pictures” to “megaconstellations will be an ecological and cultural disaster”

  2. Starship Will Grow By 5-10 Metres: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk On World’s Biggest Rocket

    Starship, which stands 120 metres (394 feet) tall, will grow by five to ten metres over time, revealed SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in his recent tweet.

    What will grow by 5 to 10 meters, first stage or second stage.
    Or both, for some purpose, first stage will be 10 meters tall and other purpose second stage will be 10 meters taller.

    It seems, first, one might want first stage 10 meter taller.
    Or before starship does lunar program, make first stage 5 to 10 meter taller.
    It seems the existing size of first stage rocket will land better for re-use than falcon 9 first stage. and if 10 meter taller it could “more” better. So after reusing first stage, then you could modify it to be taller.

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