Light Posting

It’s going to be a crazy week. We’re redoing the countertops in the kitchen, and after they demo today, I’m going to run wire to add outlets and undercounter lighting, plus a new water line to above the stove so we have a spout for filling pots. Not to mention I have to do my corporate taxes by Thursday. So I’m around, but probably not at the computer much, other than to do bookkeeping.

[Wednesday-evening update]

Since everyone is having such a good time with that typo, I’ll just leave it as is. I ended up not running the water line, because time was short between demo and install, and it’s only three feet from the sink to the range.

8 thoughts on “Light Posting”

  1. I’m going to run wire to add outlets and undercounter lighting,

    I gotta say, California residents are some of the most optimistic people you’ll ever find….

    1. Rand will be OK just so long he doesn’t use the undercounter lighting after 4 PM.

      And doesn’t fill pots with water from the spigot until Governor Newsome declares the Drought Emergency to be over.

      1. The reason to install under counter lighting is because it’s under the counters where nobody, especially nosey neighbors, can see it. His first plan was probably to go for under cabinet lighting, like people in other states, but there’s no way that will fly in California.

        But when he opens his silverware or knife drawer, the optical dazzle is going to be magical!

  2. What pattern is your apron?

    I’m trusting that you appreciate the joke.

    Dude, I shouldn’t have to ask.

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