4 thoughts on “Continuing Progress”

  1. They’ve also removed (so far) 3 Raptors from booster 7. Anyone have an idea what’s involved in “robustifying” booster 7? I assume these measures have already been incorporated into 8.

    1. Replacing the outer engine covers that were removed after the accidental explosion some weeks ago would probably be part of what is to be done.

      There have been some experiments done recently at McGregor anent individual blast shields for Raptors to limit collateral damage in the event of engine RUDs. Perhaps adding these would also be part of the “robustifying” program.

    1. the next delay announcement on SLS will be September 23
      It’s becoming a seasonal thing, Sept. 23, Dec. 23rd, Mar. 23rd, Jun. 23rd.

      SLS: the Seeger Launch System:
      …VAB return, return, return,
      To every launch there is a season and
      more time for every mission that can’t reach the heavens.

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