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  1. Remember when it was just a racist conspiracy theory that this was taking place? I bet our betters still say it is.

  2. Quite amazing how people run to the right when life gets really serious and deadly and forces people back to basics. When the soft cushy, safe life – the life they have always known – suddenly turns real.

  3. During my year at ISU, over the winter break I decided to go to Norway because my grandma née Tharaldsen had just died, and maybe I could see the Northern Lights while there. On the train ride to Trondheim, I was rather astonished to see a Muslim family on the train as well. Seemed a bit odd for what is normally a desert clime folk, and I don’t recall seeing any while in Oslo, unlike say Strasbourg or Paris (though France has its own, particular, history with the Muslim world).

    Then again, it isn’t as if the Norwegians hadn’t gone a visitin’ to the Muslim world back in the day, but who doesn’t end up seeking warmer climes? The question of immigration will always be a sticky one, and no solution will be optimized for everyone. The best compromise I’ve been able to come up with is that we will shelter the women and children, but the men need to go home and deal with whatever it is they’re running away from, and we’ll send the women and children when it’s all settled. If they want to help build America we have a legal process to become a legal citizen. But folks can’t just be inviting themselves in and helping themselves to our stuff, and making trouble to boot. What’s happening in Sweden is a good example of why.

    [Speaking as someone who could have been a victim of both the Atlantic Ave subway pipe bomb plot (https://www.nytimes.com/1997/08/01/nyregion/police-break-up-suspected-bomb-plot-in-brooklyn.html) and the Strasbourg Christmas Market bomb plot (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strasbourg_Cathedral_bombing_plot). Also been watching illegals arrive in Texas since the mid-80s, so this is not a new problem anywhere. It almost has the appearance of accelerating, though…]

    1. What’s kind of silly is that the European and American left decided that it was somehow “progressive” to get swamped with religious fundamentalists and stone-cold thieves and killers, or even people who are culturally highly conservative by nature. It’s like they were right on the edge of achieving their socialist utopian vision, and then one of them up and said “Hey everybody! Let’s turn our beautiful idyllic community into a crime-ridden impoverished dystopian hell scape!” and everybody went “Yeah! Great idea!” It shows that a cheap rush of emotions from asserting moral superiority are no substitute for logic and reason.

      As an aside, the Norwegian language has me kind of stumped. It’s like their spoken language isn’t really correlated to their written language. They seem to skip half the syllables and mispronounce the rest, or maybe they’re really speaking Finnish with Norwegian subtitles. Eventually my ear should catch on and I’ll understand them.

      1. Let’s turn our beautiful idyllic community into a crime-ridden impoverished dystopian hell scape!
        No, it’s the narcissistic thinking that “progressivism” is self-evidently superior to any other life philosophy that no one would pursue anything different or challenge their presumably superior adoptive culture. Clearly it isn’t ‘self-evident’. Perhaps what is is that progressives essentially delude themselves because of what, in the end analysis, is cultural ignorance.

  4. It appears that Italy has followed them to the right as well. I expect other European nations will join them as the war in the Ukraine, the energy crisis, and resulting economic decline impact peoples lifestyles and highlight the failures from decades of liberal policies on energy and the economy.

    1. Lots of people on the left on Twitter, especially in media, have been screaming things like “Italy will elect the first right-wing government since 1945!” Needless to say, it’s been like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s like the African news anchor a few weeks ago who explained to his audience that Prince Charles becomes the new Queen of England.

    2. What’s interesting is the strong support for Putin among the far right in Italy. I can’t find the poll anymore, but it appeared that the Italian far right had stronger support for Putin than far right parties in most parts of Europe.

      This support is a bit mystifying. Sure, he’s got great anti-Western (well for a westerner that is) and anti-homosexual chops. But what’s the reason for his invasion of Ukraine? To “denazify” the far right of Ukraine! There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance there.

  5. Thinking about it, Sweden can only move to the right. There’s plenty of room for something the size of Sweden in the Baltic, but if they move left, they have to jump over Norway, and the North Atlantic is far too cold for these pussified Swedes.

    1. Maybe something like “Sweden is always descending on Europe but landing on Bernie Sanders’ head.”

      I wonder what his new ignorant talking point will be?

      1. Bernie stays outside too long in the cold windward winds that blow West to East off Lake Champlain onto his lakeside estate and appears to suffer from brain freeze as a result.

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