13 thoughts on “Lyman Is About To Fall”

    1. Izium was Inchon.

      I think a better analogy would be to WW2 island-hopping in the Pacific, bypassing many tough nuts, cutting their logistics and waiting for them to decay before mopping them up. The complete fall of Lyman may not occur for awhile yet, but that won’t prevent the Ukies from continuing to advance into the remainder of Russian-occupied Luhansk and Donetsk.

      1. WW2 island-hopping was a “hard slog” for US forces. Yes, islands were hopped, but the islands that were attacked were heavily defended — Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Okinawa.

        The Ukranians better hope this is not island hopping.

        1. The analogy is non-exact. The Ukies seem – wisely – disinclined to do direct assaults on strong positions, preferring to attack logistics routes from afar and await the softening of those strong positions.

  1. In replying to PM I neglected to mention that it’s now been awhile since we’ve seen our pro-Russian troll hereabouts. Perhaps he got “mobilized.”

    1. Since 9/3, Shallow Minded Reader has replied once on 9/21:

      24-48 hr rule, but in this case maybe a couple of weeks.

      I can’t say whether he’s a sincere person or not, but I find it interesting how his comments stop once the story slides off the front page. He posts on other sites too – particularly Robert Zimmerman’s site (where apparently he also poses as a face on Mars advocate).

      1. Haven’t looked at ZimmerBob’s site much for awhile. If SMR is a Martian Face advocate as well as a fan of Russia, I wonder what his position in anent the flatness of the Earth?

        1. Since flat-earthers don’t believe that Mars even exists (as anything other than a light projected on the “firmament”), those would seem likely (in the main) to be separate pathologies.

  2. This is why Russia is conscripting every breathing male over the age of 13 and under the age of 80. They are rushing people to the front with no training trying to hold off total destruction. Maybe some of the youngest and fittest are being held back for actual training but rational thought is an exercise for rational people.

    1. If I had to hazard a guess it does appear Putin is moving his forces south to protect the land bridge to Crimea and the naval base at Sevastopol while the Ukrainians are attempting to also push through the Donetsk Oblast across its narrowest point to cut off those forces from the Rodina for the winter. Perhaps to run a guerrilla type campaign within Kherson Oblast? How good is Ukraine with paratroopers who can live off the land?

      In the meantime:
      Russia is likely setting conditions to assume legal responsibility for the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP).

      Right, why set off a nuclear weapon when a nuclear plant can have a bad accident instead? Putin is living up to his KGB roots.

      It’s gonna be a cold winter.

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