7 thoughts on “Climate And Hurricanes”

  1. I mention Rand here because he experienced many a Floridian hurricane. Unbeknownst to him, living a few miles North of him, I experienced the same hurricanes.

    My suspicion is that many ‘climate change’ advocates also live here in south Florida. They can afford to be Snow Birds — people who jet in for the warm winters, and then return north to avoid hurricane season.

    They never seem to be willing to actually ‘take one for the team’ to find out what it’s actually like. To actually see their ‘knotted pearls version of climate change’ in actual action.

    S. Florida likes that they leave some of their money here, but are also glad to see them go.

  2. It’s interesting how biased media can be. For example, this is the most abusive story I’ve seen in recent months. It’s titled “Climate change may make pandemics like COVID-19 much more common”. The paper that is supposedly being reported mentions “climate”once in the title of a citation – they were mentioning other fields that use similar analytic tools and cited it there. So absolutely no reference to climate change anywhere in the study!

    Basically, the reporter interviewed one of the authors of the paper who mentioned climate (“climate enhances the ability for viruses to infect us more easily”) and then interviewed a researcher whose bread and butter is climate change who then took it the rest of the way with unsubstantiated, exaggerated claims

    “What we’ve observed is that animals and even plants are racing to the poles to get out of the heat. And as they do that, they may run into creatures that they’ve never run into before. And that creates an opportunity for spillover to happen.”

    (I think someone neglected to mention that “racing to the poles” is measured in meters per year.) The reporter then took it the rest of the way.

    1. Well splicing in a furin cleavage site, a gene sequence not seen in any zoonotic bat coronavirus, to make the virus attach to a human ACE2 receptor might have something to do with it as well. Just a chance. Must have been due to climate change.

  3. One has to wonder that gain of function Furin-cleaving gene splicing has yet to pass beyond the smoking-gun stage of detection.

    The particular COV got out before they were ready to test its descendants on the rest of us.

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