10 thoughts on “On Biden’s Impeachment”

  1. Without 2/3 of the Senate involved impeaching Biden is similar to the impeachment(s) of Trump (and Clinton) – a media exercise that is ultimately meaningless and quite possibly counterproductive politically.

  2. Ol’ Joe got himself some impeachment insurance.

    I knew Senator Quayle. Dan Quayle was a friend of mine. Madam Vice-President, you’re no Dan Quayle.

  3. Old Joe won’t mind, as long as his “mind” wanders to the thought of his favorite ice cream, Impeaches ‘n’ Cream.

  4. Trump tweets. Impeach!

    Brandon’s brain farts? No problem.

    Just another reason I’m not of their tribe.

    The Kings/Queens take the shots. The regents are safely out of sight.

    They can never come out of the shadows. Karma.

    It’s actually a more exact science than that. We can spit in their Starbuck’s coffee cup.

  5. I’m expecting sometime around mid to late November next year will come the announcement Joe has changed his mind and won’t run for re-election. It’ll be a three way between JB, Gavin and Gretchen.

  6. The Democrats/Socialists turned impeachment from a serious event to a simplistic political embarrassment tool.

    Biden should be impeached.

    But more importantly other Federal goons like Merrick Garland and Mayorkas need to be impeached. And sued. And otherwise so busied up defending themselves that they have little time for mischief making.

    I have my complaints about The Turtle, McConnell, but given what is happening at the DOJ under Garland we must thank McConnell deeply for preventing Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

  7. Nature appears to have already impeached Biden.

    The Constitution is mute on impeaching his handlers.

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