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  1. The one state I can think of in recent history that was truly multicultural was Yugoslavia. Well, we know how well that worked out…

    1. Singapore seems to have a multicultural society that works. Some say their law enforcement tends to be on the heavy-handed side. They still have the draft there and perhaps that helps people from different backgrounds and religions learn about one another.

      1. They still have the draft there and perhaps that helps people from different backgrounds and religions learn about one another

        Kill or be killed does have a way of focusing the mind…

        1. Singapore hasn’t fought a war in a long time, perhaps not since Japan captured the island in WWII. Still, they’re quite wealthy and have covetous neighbors so it pays to be prepared. As for serving together, you get to know people from different backgrounds to a greater extent than anywhere else, even college. Those of you who have not served in the military likely would not understand.

  2. I must admit the article seems locked in by the last 20 years of rhetoric. It conflates something else with being “white”, that only comes out when particular policies and funding flows are being argued over. The problem is *not* with whites alone.

    The multicultural agenda is pointed consistently at the increasing acceptance of *industrial* culture. That it was first found in a “white” setting, and spread from there, is now used to label it as “white”. In 1964, when I first read about multiculturalism, it was rather obvious that the social anthropology people pushing it were doing so in defense of the agrarian cultures they studied, which were already fading, compared to the growth of industrial culture. This is culture as defined within the competent definition of the continuing industrial revolution:

    “When a society moves from allocating resources by custom and tradition (moderns read here, by politics) to allocating resources by markets, they may be said to have undergone an industrial revolution” Arnold Toynbee-1884

    Every bad thing that happened to agrarian people was attributed to industrial growth and power. The fact that changes in the temperature environment had been pushing at agrarian cultures for the last 10,000 years, and harming their people, until one such culture found a way to ameliorate that through market productivity, was simply left to the wayside. Industrial growth, and agrarian decline *was*the*problem*.

    Only since about 1980 have I begun seeing this connected to race on the part of the multicults. Only since around 2,000 have I begun to see it overtly stated that it was a thoroughly racial matter. The simple fact is, multiculturalism has *always* been anti-industrial.

    It is, yet another wave of reaction against the continuing industrial revolution. It’s simply more *politically*effective* to put it in racial terms since 1990, when the socialist camp collapsed. We may hope that a significant series of political defeats in the next 10 years of elections will display the political incompetence of the anti- “white” phraseology of multiculturalism, and let us get back to their true desire, … to stop the continuing industrial revolution in its tracks. That can be more easily confronted, along with the collapse of the “Green Alternative” that pours so much money through government into “solutions” for another Non-problem.

    These all have to be confronted through their instigators in the University System, that *needs* something to create more causes for government to address, through hiring more university-certified government clerks, who can then pay off all those college loans, and clear the decks for their loans to get graduate degrees.

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