3 thoughts on “Our Mad Aristos”

  1. That wealth by marriage or wealth by inheritance often inhibits virtue seems to me like one of the oldest stories of all time. I give the Vanderbuilt’s credit for going three generations without too much rot.

  2. Brandon “guaranteed” one of his campaign audiences (maybe a dozen people) that he would end fossil fuels. That is one campaign promise he is well on his way to keeping, which is terrifying. Even more terrifying is the state of knowledge of the various players, which is all over the map. The Right is indignant about everything from gas prices to energy security, but its main contribution to the “discussion” is to bluster that “all [Brandon] needs to do is [restore Trump’s energy policies],” which indicates a complete lack of understanding of Brandon’s actual intentions.

    The more innocent Left, swallowing the CAGW trope and believing that they are saving the planet by insisting on net zero, also believe that the people who know how to do things (not them) will “somehow” come up with all of the technology needed to keep civilization running in the absence of fossil fuels. The tech oligarchs know that isn’t true, but believe that their stupendous “wealth” will allow them to flourish in a post-collapse world. Aside from whatever material assets they may posses, their “wealth” consists of the market cap of their businesses – which will be identically zero if fossil fuels disappear.

    At the top of it all are a handful of people who see the entire picture, and know that their goal of shutting down fossil fuels will result in the deaths of most of the people on the planet, including their own. That is their intention.

    As I say, terrifying….

  3. Well if you have a governing class made up of immolating aristocracy aren’t you really just another kakistocrasy?

    These days I feel a bit like a citizen of Kakistan….

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