12 thoughts on ““We Are No Longer Conservatives””

  1. Even good ideas can be taken too far. A movement to admit the virtues but scale back the excesses of many progressive programs would seem to be worth joining.

    Do we need both early voting AND mail balloting? Is there good reason for “early voting” to run more than a week?

    How long should unemployment compensation continue for workers in “depressed” communities? Maybe re-location funds would be better?

    Has “civil service” really ended the corruption of “patronage” in the bureaucracy? Maybe firing people when the political winds shift isn’t such a bad thing. Is there some way to reduce the ranks of careerists in “the swamp”?

    Is education from K to 12 necessary for everybody? If 8th graders, today, reached the competencies in reading and arithmetic of 19th century 8th graders — they’d be college material. Maybe High School should be optional instead of mandatory. (Maybe REFORM School could make a come back.)

  2. The first thing the left would do in attacking such a change if it became widely accepted and used would be to proclaim it was an attempt to “restore” slavery. The media/Hollywood would run with that notion.

  3. Sorry, but it ain’t “mainstream Americans” who keep those “farmer’s markets” going. It’s people who can afford to pay a premium for “heirloom” vegetables and “heritage furniture” and “gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches” and other such luxuries. (I knew someone who, pre-bat cooties panic, made a nice living doing the sandwich bit in the Puget Sound area.)

  4. Oh, I’ve been to a lot of flea markets filled with people who don’t know what heirloom, free-range or whole-foods means.

    Maybe you should get out in America more.

    1. There is a marked difference in the atmosphere and wares found at “farmers markets” held inside city limits and the “flea markets” outside city limits. The latter are “real America” IMO.

    2. Just go someplace beyond the coastal metropolises and you can find all sorts of “Just Plain Folks” looking for vegetables… My town’s Farmers Market has been open every Saturday my entire life.

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