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  1. Was that NASA making an announcement? Or a NASA employee repeating what he had heard from someone about SpaceX plans?

      1. Some added context.

        So Sounds like NASA was giving an update on the HLS system and the Program manager for Artemis was passing the scuttlebutt of next milestone test. Contractual gate possibly?

        Nice to see they can finally build a Raptor per day.

        Dunno Rand I wouldn’t be putting my money all in for starship to orbit, even if SLS got a delay. What are the contractual pay points on HLS?

        Also waiting to hear of SpaceX engineers helping with the twitter fiasco.

        1. Further details

          Dunno early December sounds very optimistic
          de-stack, 33 engine test re-stack and wet dress rehearsals. Possible mid to late December. Though my bet of next year is looking pretty good even without a RUD.

          Especially with Elon cracking the whip in San Francisco for the beginning of November

          1. Speaking of stacking and re-stacking, see posted here in other thread:



            As Doug Jones points out in the other thread, SLS’s SRBs have already been waived once since they are well past their 1 year stacking expiration. If they miss this upcoming window, will they go for broke and waive twice?

            Waiver me once, shame on you.
            Waiver me twice, shame on ….

    1. Mark Kirasich is the acting director of NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems. So not the chief but a pretty tall Indian. To the extent anyone outside SpaceX would have access to such info, this would seem to be the guy.

    2. From the Space News story tonight by Jeff Foust:

      “Speaking to the NASA Advisory Council’s Human Exploration and Operations Committee Oc. 31, Mark Kirasich, deputy associate administrator for Artemis Campaign Development at NASA, said the agency’s understanding of progress on testing of the Starship vehicle, including its Super Heavy booster, supported an orbital launch attempt late this year.”

      So it wasn’t quite like Kirasich went out and held a pressw conference. He was giving a briefing to the NASA Advisory Council, which some media had access to.

  2. China tests engines for moon mission rocket

    “The new rocket is sometimes referred to as the Long March 5 Dengyue (“moon landing”) or Long March 5G. It will be capable of sending 27 metric tons into trans-lunar injection. A pair of the new rockets will be capable of sending a crewed spacecraft and, separately, a landing stack, to lunar orbit. This would allow two astronauts to make a landing on the moon. ”
    linked from, https://instapundit.com/

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