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  1. Elon says the obvious. That we need to explore the Lunar poles and then Mars as quickly as possible is
    also, obvious.

  2. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/11/06/dem-strategist-admits-her-party-did-not-listen-to-voters-and-will-lose-midterms-n1643414
    Dem Strategist Admits Her Party ‘Did Not Listen to Voters’ and Will Lose Midterms
    Linked from: https://instapundit.com/

    Really, all Trump did, was listen to voters.
    He wasn’t a politician, but listened to pols about
    how to be a politician- use polls.
    Pols get wrapped up in themselves, and imagine they know better [and they are completely clueless].

  3. Right now, he is correct but I might object to the same phrase in a couple years. We need fundamental reforms of our government and that wont happen if Democrats play spoiler.

    1. US is about making a better Republic- and it needs fixing.
      Of course, neither Dem or Rep are doing this.
      You might say US improved govts in the world- not governmental policy, but by competition.
      Mars settlements “could” likewise, improve govts in the world. Or Mars could be hell hole.

    2. Fundamental reforms won’t happen under either party. They’re but flip sides of the same coin. Their upper echelons are all in bed with one another. I’ve long been convinced that politics is nought but mental masturbation, and the entire country has long been caught up in a media-driven fapping frenzy that is doing no one any good. Statesmanship is my noble ideal, but like the idea of chivalry it’s long dead.

      This libertarian is voting Libertarian and anyone else who isn’t a Republicrat or Demican. Heck, I’d vote for a Wiccan for County Treasurer over a Republicrat or Demican, because at least then no one would let them do anything (which for a libertarian is a win in government affairs). Both parties are deeply complicit in where this country is at right now, and neither merits my support or vote.

      1. I disagree but it isn’t an easy or short process. I do agree that some problems plague both parties. Libertarians are largely a joke.

    3. “Right now, he is correct but I might object to the same phrase in a couple years.”

      Yes. Personally, I think the democrats deserve/need a serious nut stomping for at least 3 election cycles; likewise with the mainstream Republicans but in their case hope said is done at the primary level. Rinse out the RINO’s from the party similar to how Trump out maneuvered 16 establishment Republican candidates to take the POTUS nomination. Like to see someone like Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell get “primaried” out by Trump endorsed MAGA candidates. Remember that atrocious “Mueller investigation” was instigated under said Republican controlled Congress; deep resentment against the “outsider” Trump “stealing” the nomination from the entitled professional class politicians likely played no small part in it.

      1. The Republican establishment’s greatest fear is that the voters will elect people who do what they say they will in campaigns.

  4. @Ken Murphy – I too used to be a libertarian, but then I grew up.

    At this point you should be holding your nose and voting for the lesser evil, then afterwards get involved to throw the corrupt bastards out of the party. If that burns down the rotting corpse (of either party), giving life to a new liberty oriented party then great, but it seems highly unlikely.

    Anything else and we will be in TINVOWOOT territory.

    1. Oh, my, aren’t we the mature one. If only I could grow up too!

      Or I could start voting the bastards out now. Actually, I’ve been trying for a while, since at least 1988.

      I don’t believe in lesser evils. I don’t believe in giving away my vote to be “against” something. I believe in voting for something, and what I am for is less government. Yours is not the path to that end.

      1. “Better” is the enemy of “good enough”.

        I am broadly a small-“l” libertarian, and have supported the Libertarian Party in the past, but I think Michael Anton was mostly correct in 2016, and this year is pretty damned important too. Votes for capital-L Libertarian candidates are largely a waste this year, even here in CA, where several currently D House seats could flip to R, and that’s good enough this year.

        1. See, now Cthulhu is who I would vote for if I was going to be voting Evil, because why settle for the lesser evil?

          Voting for big-L Libertarians is also important, as it helps to ensue ballot access not just for libertarians but for other parties as well. Casting a vote that says “I will not stand for your baloney” is important, because in a free country you are allowed to do that. Casting a vote that says “I do not want to expand government spending” is important for our great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren who now bear the burden of our profligacy, because face it, the government debt is not going to be paid off anytime in the foreseeable future, and it is a burden we all share.

          Call that infantile and a joke all you want. But I’m going to (and did) vote the way I choose to vote, not the way someone’s trying to bully me into voting because of their FUD.

  5. Right the Elon of Mar should STFU and stick to building his rockets. Instead of his clownish thin-skin hypocritical ass routine for the last 30-54 months.

    Now here some voting advice from someone who hasn’t lite 44 billion on fire in a drug reference flex, and now trying to put fascist in control who are willing to investigate those that refused to support him and hand him money.

      1. Trust the troll for a pathetic whiny rant. Plenty of tears to fill your mugs.

        Glad you agree Leland with a theme of my post Elon is a troll.
        And yes my mug is overflowing with the tears of those who believed in a Red Wave instead of the best showing from the president’s party in a midterm year since 2002. Just hope enough of a bulwark has been built when Trump tries his full court press in 2024 to Make his 2020 plan work once the disloyal people who thwarted him last time were purged from the party. Though it will be lit when soft as Charmin DeSanctimonious gets buried by Trump with compromat.

          1. Who is the You ?
            I rather have a pox on both and have Justin Amash as speaker but that obviously an’t happening.
            OH it was always going to have Republican house control and incompetent little Kevin as Speaker. Tough Sell with the Midterms, the new census seat allocations. Along with Republican Gerrymeanders were upheld or allow to stand for the election while the democrat Gerrymeanders in NY were overturned. Little Kevin is going to have to figure out if he going to be MTG Bitch or try to work with democrats.

            As far as the senate, yes I ideally prefer not having cocaine Mitch as Senate president and controlling what was brought to vote and backlogging judicial appointments for 2 years. But I can tolerate 1 or 2 republican leads in senate then Mitt Romney and a friend have power and Mitch will have to deal with democrats. Where as having 3+
            senators then the National Socialist wing of Josh Harley, Masters, Vance, Cotton, and Cruz, will have over-sized power like the “Freedom” Cacucus before them.

            Hope this election puts a pull to the center instead of the horse shoe wings, in a red wave the Congress critters would be looking to their right so they wouldn’t be the Next Justin Amash, Meijer, Pat Toomy.
            Also big winner is Ukraine since a significant Republican house would have the MTG and CO cutting the funding for Ukraine as Ukraine kicking the invaders out of Kherson.

  6. As a result of the 2022 mid-terms or in a few cases even in spite of: inflation and prices will continue to rise until morale improves.

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