19 thoughts on “Is There A Naval Architect In The House?”

  1. It seems to me, if you want launch from the ocean [or have ocean settlements] you need cheap floating breakwaters.
    And it seems you need a primary breakwater and to stop smaller including waves made by boats and wind
    you need secondary breakwaters.
    It seems if you make still water, it makes launching rocket easier. And if don’t any waves you launch a rocket more often.

      1. But, I am not naval architect. And I have not seen
        any breakwaters which will do the job, but I have thinking of few types which might work.
        It seems part of making it cheap, is making it last
        a long time, and the ocean is corrosive, and titanium
        seems to be best metal to use. And titanium is expensive.
        Also lately thinking it would be good idea, to able to move the breakwater, but even though it can be moved, you want it able to withstand the worse condition weather conditions.
        What thinking about lately is 20 meter diameter pipe with very thin outer wall of titanium and within is freshwater. And freshwater has lower density and not as corrosive as seawater.
        And freshwater is pressurized [10 psig]. And inside the outer hull I would use stainless and aluminum which corrode less in freshwater.

        With just titanium it floats with freshwater quite well and with steel and aluminum added it floats a little bit [which I think is a good thing- or want it barely float without any air in it. And don’t the waves spinning it- as wave do with submarines.
        Anyhow, the relatively small diameter of 20 meters has about same mass per 1 meter length than world’s largest submarine, and almost all mass is the enclosed pressurize freshwater.

        1. Oh, I was thinking this thing would work on Mars- assuming you do made lakes. It could be saltwater lake, or just add some air to it.

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