7 thoughts on “Sauce For The Gander”

  1. As when Conservatives get seats on SCOTUS, Democrats are worried the rules will be applied equally. Democrats will still be able to do almost all of the things they did before.

    It is amusing to see how many Democrats are worried about pedos losing their Twitter access. No wonder they hate being called groomers.

  2. Good lord:

    Robert Reich @RBReich
    Here’s what Elon Musk fails to understand:
    Much of a corporations’ value lies in their workers —
    their knowledge, skills, and ideas.
    When he fired half of Twitter’s workforce and drove
    off even more, he wasn’t “cutting costs.”
    He was actively destroying what he bought.

    Elon Musk
    Replying to @RBReich
    Interesting… now pay $8.

    Seeing stuff like that makes me think twitter might benefit from a “Mercy Rule” button.

      1. This is terribly size-ist, but my one enduring memory of Robert Reich was when I was watching CSPAN for a State of the Union – the only way to avoid the talking heads telling us what the speech would “really” be about – and watching the President’s cabinet being admitted to the chamber. It was a shoulder shot as a bunch of suits walked by headed for their seats. There was a sudden gap in the line, filled only by the very top of SecLabor’s head as it went by, then the line of suits continued.

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