7 thoughts on “In Which Biological Sex Is Real”

  1. Well firstly these are results from mice/fruit flies not human beings. Also Rapamycin/metformin would definitely be 1st generation drugs whose effects are expected to be relatively modest. Let’s see what happens when we start epigenic reprogramming of cells. Curious that we are getting mice/fly date from Rapamycin since the drug has been used in humans I thought for decades. Where are the trial results in people? If not longevity how about methylation DNA clock results?

    1. The original trial only had 9 people only males no women. The TRIIM-X followup trial contains women as well as more people for a longer time frame.

  2. I don’t understand your point. If I grow my hair out, shave my legs and demand to be called “Mx. Sailorette Contessa”, I’ve been assured that I’ll actually be a really real woman. That means the drug will work on me.


    1. Some believe that. I have had biological males demand abortions (also biological females that are not pregnant). I have had males demand Pap smears and pelvic exams.

      I explain to them that their insurance will not cover this, and demanding it via the Emergency Department will result in bills approaching $10k and they start screaming about their ‘rights’.

      If they insist on screaming, they get to meet the psych resident on duty.

  3. This has been considered in SF at least twice that I know of. JohnWyndham “Consider Her Ways” and Kate Wilhelm “Welcome, Chaos”.

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