8 thoughts on “The Issue Is Settled”

  1. I actually think that it is better that Starship will launch after SLS. It is better to have the last word in an argument. I believe that the Starship launch will be more exciting than SLS with larger numbers of people maxing out Brownsville hotels, Elon being Elon, and, if they attempt a hover off shore followed by a translation into the waiting arms of Mechazilla, success or failure in that will show clear superiority of the Starship system. With both systems having launched, journalists will naturally compare the two systems with Starship being foremost in their mind. If SLS was foremost in their mind, that launch went to the Moon while Starship only attempted orbit. We space advocates could play a useful role in highlighting the cost difference and that there is a Starship-only architecture that could do all that the SLS-Orion-Gateway system can do: DevelopSpace.info/alternative

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