6 thoughts on “The Fifth Estate”

  1. Journoidiocy extends to so-called space jouralists, who continue to display abyssmal ignorance (Soyuz coolant is not ammonia) as well as joining the Musk-Hate Movement. Jeff Foust lives up to the alternate spelling of his name and… Jason Rainbow?! Give me a break.

    1. But isn’t that the kind of journalism one should expect if one lives in an ideology driven Idiocrasy?

  2. Journalism has been dead for decades.

    I trusted Walter Cronkite to tell me about space-related events, but never about anything else. He was head chair.

    Same for Jules Bergman. He melted down at JPL for Voyager 2 @ Saturn because someone was sitting in his seat at the press center.

    Vanity is the tell.

  3. Heard on the ride into work this morning that Musk got himself voted off the island. Will be bring back Jack Dorsey as CEO or someone else? And if someone else, who?

    1. He has someone in mind (and has at least one credible volunteer, I forget who already). But let’s remember he owns the island outright. He just got himself voted behind the curtain.

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