4 thoughts on “The New Normaling Of Blackouts”

  1. First we abjured mediocrity
    Then we disavowed mediocrity
    Then we simply would not tolerate mediocrity
    Then we began to accept mediocrity
    Then mediocrity became common
    Now we are supposed to revel in mediocrity.

  2. Just got a new circuit board put in the propane fired generator, seems to be working again. We’ll see. We get rolling blackouts here that are the ice and wind inspired type. All that climate change that occurs over 24 to 48 hours they used to call weather.

    1. I respect your project to keep you and who you share your house with safe by having backup power.

      But unreliable grid power and the widespread use of backup generators, which are mainly diesel backup generators, has long been a characteristic of Soviet/Russian client states. Like Iraq.

      The original New Deal emphasized Rural Electrification, combatting poverty in the Tennessee River Valley with the TVA.

      The Green New Deal will bring us to getting our power from small, smelly diesel generators?

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