5 thoughts on “How The FBI Hacked TWitter”

  1. Elect candidates who promise to decentralize the Executive Branch by moving departments, bureaus and agencies out of DC and closing as many as possible. It is high past time this was done.

    It may take a new political party to get the job done, but it must get done.

  2. They didn’t “hack” Twitter. Twitter let them in willingly because they were going after the right sorts of people. The fascists working there didn’t think anything is wrong with government directed censorship as long as it was aimed at their ideological enemies.

    1. You take the public square (The Internet) and chop it up into smaller squares where vendors have setup tables (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…) that let you look at the magazines and videos on display and where for free you can leave post-it messages with text, pictures and videos for others or any of your friends that stop by that particular table. But then you notice something rather odd. Behind the tables at the back in all the sub-squares where there is a tent set up by the vendors are these men in black suits and skinny ties wearing sunglasses. Sometimes they whisper in the vendor’s ear and the vendor goes back to the table and removes what you left there.

    2. “The fascists working there…”

      The ones at Twitter and the ones in the FBI and other government agencies all belonged to the same political party. It wasn’t “government” doing this. They were Democrats abusing their powers.

      Had this happened in any other country, it would have been called a coup and any elections that took place under a similar regime viewed as illegitimate.

      1. I’m not sure if the Republicans weren’t the party of stupid they wouldn’t have done it if they’d thought of it first. However you need operatives within your party ranks that don’t believe in free speech, a market based economy or a moral compass to pull it off.

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