3 thoughts on “The Everyday Astronaut”

  1. It’s always amazing to me to see what some “college dropouts” can make of themselves when they finally find the spark in their life that propels them and gives them a focus which they obviously weren’t getting from the educational system. I envy them to a certain degree, since I stayed in college and coasted the final year because it was easier than figuring out how to actually make something of myself. And maybe some day I still might, but I’m too easily distracted.

    In Tim’s case, when I saw that he was picked for the dearMoon mission, I felt genuinely happy for him rather than envious, even though I’ve told many people that the moon is somewhere I’d like to visit some day. Again, he made it as a result of finding that drive and focus that I never found myself despite my appetite for knowledge (which is often broad but rarely deep).

  2. Tim brings something unique to the dearMoon trip that I could not and so he gets a $0 ticket. But he will be bringing plenty of talent and a unique set of skills that will enable us to enjoy the ride along with him.

    As for me, I’d be happy if someday, even if I have to pay more than $0 for a ticket, at least I’ll be able to fly around or even visit the moon, thanks in part to what Tim did ahead of me.

  3. Tim’s enthusiasm is infectious. I have followed him from the start, and I have to say that he’s worked his tail off to be a surprisingly skillful, and knowledgable, space advocate on social media.

    And honestly, at this point I suspect what Tim does in even just one of his YT videos is worth all the goodwill and publicity that NASA’s PR office generated in a year. But maybe that’s just government work for you.

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