5 thoughts on “Plant-Based Foods”

  1. One innovative processing technique that the article didn’t mention is the idea of feeding the plant-based food to cows, which somehow use it to produce steak.

    1. C’mon, man! We don’t need these science-fictiony, cow-pie-in-the-sky “solutions” to our existential existentianess crises! Why, the Big Guy has his existential crisis solved by a vegetable based blue pill made in Ringaskiddy – no joke!

  2. That is a feature because they want people to be weak and malnurished. They want people one step away from starvation, for the good of the planet. Certainly not because they are worried about people rising up against their totalitarian technocratic progressive Marxist one world government.

  3. “’m completely unsurprised. I do continue to look forward to actual artificial meat, though, particularly pork.”

    You should have no problem, then, getting funding through Congress to develop the latter…

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