3 thoughts on “Free The Meat”

  1. If the state would only extend deer season I would gladly continue to control their population at no expense to the taxpayers.

  2. WaPo reporters aren’t very resourceful. Wegman’s recently opened a new store in DC, and they carry venison, bison, wild boar, and duck – at mostly affordable prices. We do most of our grocery shopping at Wegman’s in Virginia, and they have everything the DC store has (except distilled spirits – the only advantage DC has is lack of draconian liquor laws of the type that plague virtually the entire east coast).

    I agree with the road hazard. A deer ran into my wife’s car one morning as she was driving to work. This happened during the height of the Covid supply-chain fiasco, and it took seven months to get her car repaired. Many of her co-workers have had three or more deer collisions. They’re all over the place where we live. But whenever the Virginia and Maryland wildlife people start a herd culling hunt, they’re met with massive protests. The most deranged of these happened in Maryland recently, and wasn’t really over killing the deer – it was entirely due to the fact that the Maryland herd controllers use AR-15s!

    I can’t wait to move to Tennessee. Our great nephews there keep their families in venison year-round.

  3. $10/lb for ground venison but I never see cuts of meat. I think overpopulation depends on region and human environment. Deer get pushed into the burbs and thrive but are they overpopulated up in the mountains?

    We have coyotes, cougar, and now wolves and all of them get closer to people than the eco fascists admit.

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