5 thoughts on ““We Were Wrong About Covid””

  1. COVID is a character test. Mask Karens had their turn to fail and now vax shamers are experiencing their turn to fail. People wanting accountability will have a hard time finding allies or reaching reconciliation when they act like a bag of d*cks to everyone.

      1. A lot of people are seeking revenge on those who did them no wrong. Mobs of people scapegoating their fellows rather than the responsible characters. It is a failure of character.

  2. Systematically violating the Nuremberg Code should bring on Nuremberg punishments. Less than a year after being unemployed, broke, and homeless, my livelihood was threatened unless I took the goddamn jab. So I took the goddamn jab.

    Hanging is too good for Fauci.

  3. Your papers please…
    We are beyond vaccine passports thank goodness. Let’s hope we all learned something from this. Like putting sick people into nursing homes full of the susceptible. Like funding risky gain-of-function research, esp. in foreign countries outside our NIH controls. But as for the latter it would appear not. Look down in the history of my comments about Peter Daszak and Echo Health Alliance. The Republicans need to introduce a bill prohibiting funding gain-of-function research outside the US and inside the US only under conditions of stringent controls.

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