8 thoughts on “What Future For The SLS?”

  1. The future? The SLS veers off course, crashes and lays waste to LC-39A? Just after the FAA rules noise from Starship/Super-Heavy is too much for the sensitive environment around Boca Chica.

    But some say I’m a jaded old geezer. They might not be wrong.

  2. It seems significant delay of May 2024 date could be trouble and seems likely to be trouble for SLS.
    But it seems Starship orbital launch attempt and results of the test launches is bigger factor than a May 2024 SLS launch being delayed for 6 months or more.
    And also think the launch Vulcan Centaur in couple months will have some effect upon SLS, and also if or when New Glenn launches this year.
    I think a lot it has to do with May 2024 launch but possible one send people around the Moon even before 2024, using as mentioned a variety ways other than SLS, and then SLS gets delayed by 6 month or more that going to hard to politically deal with- and it’s election season. And even trying earlier than May might a good idea.
    It seems NASA wants get to point of it doing 130 tons to LEO and depending what occurs, it might impossible for NASA to get what they want, or easier to get to this point.
    But is anyone certain Starship will get it’s test launch before March ends?
    I not sure why has been delay or whether it will be delayed further- at some point the ships are going start to significantly rust.

      1. Stainless steel will eventually corrode in a marine environment- I have seen pictures showing some discoloration around edge parts of ship.
        I would guess it’s not an issue at the moment, months more time, and of course in regards to unseen parts of spacecraft, it could start become significant issue- or it could begin some sort of required spot inspections. Though this would upon what kind safety factors {which tend to be low with rockets] are involved.

  3. SLS will stagger forward, like a zombie.

    To me it’s akin to watching the Soviet space program in the 70’s.

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