5 thoughts on “Good News You Won’t Hear In The Media”

  1. I grew up mere miles from the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta. Back then there was concern about saltwater intrusion into the middle part of the delta (the lower part is a tidal estuary already, and has been for centuries), so one would think that 40 years later there would have been some catastrophic damage to the delta from rising sea levels.

    Apparently not.

  2. The media is in the business of telling people that ordinary deviations in temperature during a climate optimum are really signs we live in an apocalypse. Sea-level rise being stable isn’t good news. It is evidence the world is ending and can only be saved by this one simple trick that will lead to climate utopia and even if that one simple trick doesn’t prevent climate from happening, it will still be the right thing to do.

  3. “Sea-level rise being stable isn’t good news.”

    If they (the leftist environmental fanatics) ever succeed in getting their comprehensive climate change (power grab) legislation passed, they will suddenly acknowledge said modest increase in rising sea level as proof of the efficacy of said legislation. Even if such was evident long before it was passed. And also an argument to pass even more.

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