One thought on “Mask Mandates”

  1. As with most things in life, masks are a mitigant, not a solution.

    When my guys get sniffly and coughy I do ask them to mask up to keep their snot to themselves. Otherwise it is a largely, but not necessarily entirely pointless exercise.

    So glad the county judge where I was living at the time declared that he was there to enforce legislated laws, not impromptu mandates, and so there was no masking requirement in the county. Some businesses required it, others asked, some didn’t make it a point of contention. In the end I don’t think I ever saw more than an ~85% masking rate where I was, usually much less.

    What does concern me is the crippling social awkwardness I’m seeing in so, so many youth. Surprisingly, my Aspergers puts me in a unique place to try to help overcome that, as I’ve been where they are. Still, we as a society have a tough road ahead of us socializing the next generation.

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