5 thoughts on “Biden’s Latest Incompetent Appointment”

  1. Senator Budd’s questions are like expecting the FCC chairman to have a ham radio license. Given the job Washington is being considered for it would have been more appropriate to ask him questions like, “What important issues does the agency face and how will you respond to them?” Of course, if you get back some boilerplate about DEI then I think you have your answer about whether he has any qualifications for the job.

  2. Competency? You guys set the bar for Socialism way, way too high. Enjoy your Victory gin Weed, and relax! I suggest you watch an episode of “NCIS: School Board” on TV!

    1. I am curious about the Basic Med certification.

      I was only aware of the light sport-plane category that allowed geezers who see a cardiologist to fly some type of airplane.

      Basic Med suggests that you need to have had a medical certificate after 2006. What is that all about? I haven’t renewed a medical certificate since the early 1990’s — does this mean I have no chance to pilot a Piper Warrior anymore?

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