One thought on “How To Cure American Amnesia”

  1. In high school we had an outstanding World History teacher who had a unique talent for bringing history to life in the classroom. However we only got as far as the French Revolution by the following Spring. We never studied the wars of the late 19th and 20th Century. A pity because I always felt that my HS gave short-shrift to WWII at a time when there were still veterans of that war kicking around to tell us about it from first-hand experience. My dad was a Korean War vet and I had uncles on both sides of my family that were Korean and WWII vets and a grand-uncle who was a WWI vet! Going backwards would have been problematical at my school because taking a two-sided view of Vietnam would have NOT gone well, but if we had skipped that on-going conflict and started with Korea and worked backwards it would have been quite interesting. Maybe as World History Part 2….

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