6 thoughts on “Relativity Space”

  1. I’ve never understood the logic behind 3D printing of sheet metal. Wouldn’t we want to have better quality control when it comes to the thickness of the tanks undergoing max-Q?

    1. While the approach certainly raises many questions (apparently they suffer a 10% weight penalty for doing it this way), I believe this vehicle is more proof-of-concept for the more complex and larger Terran-R to follow.

    2. Is the idea that it will be cheaper to 3D print expendable rockets for certain payloads rather than hitch rides on reusable rockets? I’m not familiar with Relativity’s business plan.

      1. Relativity’s business plan is to develop and prove out its large-scale, thin-section-capable 3-D metal printing technology on the expendable Terran-1, then apply it in earnest to the completely reusable, and far larger, Terran-R. Relativity also intends for its big printers to become the basic manufacturing infrastructure for Mars settlement efforts. It would seem reasonable that Relativity should have similar ambitions anent the Moon, but I have seen no confirmation of this to-date.

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