How We Forgot Pol Pot

Revisiting the killing fields.

If Marxism means enforced equality, its ultimate endpoint is this. Individuals cannot be ‘allowed’ as they might be ‘different’, they might laugh or be happy, unlike others. Beauty – physical, artistic, sexual, spiritual, intellectual – must likewise be ruthlessly extinguished, because it too prevents a Marxist Utopia. Beauty is unfair. It must be eliminated.

Does this matter? Yes, because we live in a time when kids think Marxism is cool again. When self-confessed Marxist Jeremy Corbyn is seen as an amusing old uncle.

In the early 80s, I worked with a man from Cambodia at Rockwell who had managed to escape, just a few years earlier. He was a good guy, smart engineer, but understandably didn’t want to talk about that.

3 thoughts on “How We Forgot Pol Pot”

  1. I know some Cambodians too, and this is still very fresh with them. That crack Jane Fonda made the other day reeks of the Pol Pot mentality.

  2. Forgot?!? It was quickly sent, no, shoved down Orwell’s Memory Hole with excessive force …meanwhile the (quote) trauma (un-quote) of McCarthyism is paraded out every few years.

    It makes me think that the troubles of “little brown people” are only important to pasty white leftists as long as there is political points to be made from them…

  3. I remember as a young adult a family of Cambodians had been taken in and supported for a time by my family’s church. Nobody would talk about why they were there. I don’t think it was liberal thinking, but rather that they had trouble even considering human behavior that evil and savage.

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