9 thoughts on “Revisionism”

  1. No matter what they call it, its always best refuted by its own results.

    So naturally they blame “messaging” and try calling it something else.

  2. I prefer the word Progressive to describe the Left because there is nothing liberal about them in the truest sense of the word.

    Come to think of it, the same holds for progressive. I guess I should just stick with Marxist.

    1. Well I now defer to the acknowledged expert on all things cultural and systemic, ChatGPT. Here is its definition of “woke”:

      Q: “What is the definition of the term “woke” as defined in popular culture?”

      A: In popular culture, the term “woke” refers to an individual or group’s awareness of social and political issues, especially with regard to systemic injustices and inequality. To be “woke” is to be actively engaged in and advocating for social justice and to be aware of the ways in which power and privilege operate in society. The term is often used to describe people who are conscious of issues related to race, gender, sexuality, and other forms of marginalization, and who take action to address these issues in their personal and professional lives. The term has gained widespread usage in recent years, particularly in social media and online discourse.

      I leave it as an exercise for the reader to define “social justice”. I’m sure it’s practice must be codified in “social law”, somewhere.

      1. “Social Justice” is often an oxymoron. Often used by the same nomenklatura that took the name ‘Peoples Democratic Socialist Republics’ seriously.

      2. especially with regard to systemic injustices and inequality.

        That’s rather glaring. Next question:
        “What is the difference between ‘equality’ and ‘equity’ in regards to woke culture.”

        1. According to ChatGPT when trying to view a baseball game over a fence: Equality means everyone gets to stand on a box of the same height regardless of the height of the individual and if it helps them see over the fence or not. Equity gives each individual a box of different height so all can see over the fence.

          Conversely outside of ChatGPT I saw a cartoon that defined equity as the tallest person has to stand in a hole so that noone can watch the game. That would also meet the definition using a similar analogy.

          The legality and ethics of avoiding paying for a ticket, if that was the reason for trying to watch the game over a fence, was not addressed by ChatGPT.

  3. One thing to remember here is that a key dynamic is a population of academics who try to differentiate their activity from predecessors via semantics rather than knowledge. They will never agree on a single label because that destroy a large part of the reason justifying why they’re academics in the first place.

    My take? Find an label that’s reasonably accurate and call them that. If they complain, tell them that you’re classifying their behavior not their language.

  4. It started as a brag about being awakened from false consciousness and an order for others to do the same. It was a label Progressive Marxists applied to themselves to show their superiority and higher level of evolution than normal humans.

    But just like “fake news” it turned against them because the people who self identified as woke were toxic, anti human, and up in everyone’s business.

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