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  1. The local NPR station had a preview of their Fauci docudrama, err, “factual biopic” and it had Fauci smirking and laughing at “Conspiracy Theories” …what an obnoxious twit.

  2. Fauci will eventually be the 21st century’s Dr. Mengele. And I don’t mean that as hyperbole.

  3. Meh, he’s just emblematic of larger systemic issues that have been festering for a couple of generations now. Interestingly, when historians look back on this time, they’re going to see that as much as everyone likes to rag on the Baby Boomers, and with good reason, a lot of the systemic damage was done by Silent Gen folks, like Fauci or Phil Gramm, who rigged the financial system before jumping to UBS.

    Don’t believe me? Take a look at one of your mutual fund statements. Then try to dig up a list of actual financial instrument holdings as of say a quarter end. Good luck. You’ll get a bunch of summaries and compiled data, but they would really rather you didn’t see what is actually in the stew. Because you would see tons and tons of derivative instruments, and not as much actual corporate debt or equity as one might hope. It’s there, but the massive cash flows from 401Ks and IRAs means there’s not enough ‘real’ product like corporate equity or corporate debt for all the cash, so instead of creating new companies and new industries to create new debt and new equity and grow the economy, we instead get synthetic versions that frankly few understand yet which have privileged status in our financial system.
    So while the Baby Boomers have been piss-poor stewards of the country for the last going on four decades, and the chickens of their half-assed phone-it-in approach are starting to come home to roost, they can reasonably say that they didn’t start the fire. I just wish they had done more to fight its spread.

      1. Not the GLB Act. That was a sop to the masses. What I’m talking about is the bankruptcy reforms of the late 90s that incorporated derivatives into the process. I know it mucked things up because I spent a fair chunk of my time at the bank during the aughts reviewing legal documentation on secured loans to see exactly how they treated the derivatives, and we passed on a lot of deals (at the prices at which they were offered).
        There is a place for derivatives, but only on instruments you own. Buying a CDS to “take a position” regarding a corporate name is like me buying fire insurance on your house. There are perverse incentives baked in from the get-go, and when things blow up, they really Blow…The…Eff…Up. Take that crap to the casino where it belongs, not hardwired into our financial systems.
        And to get back to the original thrust of the post, don’t even get me started on the modern American medical system. I’ve got health insurance and I -wish- I could afford to go see a doctor. I have had good insurance in the past. When I was a lowly bank teller back in the 90s, I got a hernia repair for $20 co-pay. Nowadays I shudder to think what such a thing, which I actually need again, might cost. And jackasses like Fauci are part of the reason we’re where we are today.

  4. Well he was just a small piece of a much bigger national catastrophe, which started in 2016-2017 and the roots really started in 1996.

        1. But you don’t want to explain your (perhaps) drug-induced delusions (though to be fair, they may be natural), but make the other commenters guess about them?

          1. But you don’t want to explain your (perhaps) drug-induced delusions (though to be fair, they may be natural), but make the other commenters guess about them?

            You mean drug induced liked the first anti Fauci expert quoted in the article you linked to mention? You want to tell me this character didn’t take too much of his own acid in college? Wonder why the AG Writer didn’t provide the video or linked to it, had to go 2 deep to get the video.

            I think 2016-2017 is pretty self explanatory about what I am getting at. Well 96 Clinton winning a second term with being a known liar and sexual hi jinx certainly cleared a path to 2016. Also in 96 the network you and 3 million other viewers watch most week nights started is the other half of the equation.

  5. Fauci didn’t win himself many accolades back in the 80’s when during the Reagan era he pushed hard for an HIV vaccine over anti-virals, which delayed their adoption and approval by the FDA, which killed thousands. A vaccine for HIV was never found and still doesn’t exist today.

    He eventually jumped on the AZT bandwagon, late. AZT however had its own problems.

    But then I clearly remember Pat Buchanan calling it the “gay plague” and the Moral Majority calling it God’s judgment on the immoral. So Fauci got a pass.

    I call ‘em as I see ‘em.

  6. While Fauci is busy sawing a Chevy in half in order to own two Harleys might I point out WIV and Dr. Shi had already isolated and identified the naturally occurring RaTG13 with 96% identical nucleotide similarity to SARS-CoV2 and that their lab was busily engaged in engineering chimeric variants.

    How fatuous can you get?

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