10 thoughts on “The New Witch Trials”

  1. I’ve just returned from my second long visit (seven weeks this time), and it is a place that make one realize just how rich we are in the US. It has a slightly shabby, 60s/70s feel to it, and aging infrastructure, with some 21st tech layered over the top (mostly cashless, cell phones everywhere, etc.) Very little margin and the recent storms on the North Island did a good job of exposing that.

    New Zealand is a Progressive paradise, and they’ve fully bought in to the whole menu– from LGBTUVWXYZ (that’s pronounced “gender bender”, right?), to equity and inclusion, to global climate warming change. This was a lead story in the media for several weeks. Why? I didn’t understand.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the place, especially the South Island, and would like to visit again.

    1. NZ is so nice that even cannibal tribesmen* and British socialists have not been able to ruin it.

      * c.f. “This Horrid Practice” by Paul Moon

    2. I live here in NZ, and you are right (especially the bit about the South Island being the preferable location!).

      The government is happy to feed and support this insanity, and it’s quickly descending into a socialist hellhole. The world wondered at NZ’s incredible c-vid response, which in reality was a long-running disaster that cost billions and achieved nothing.
      The government is spending like there’s no tomorrow, while stats clearly show that every metric is getting worse, and fast.
      Meanwhile most of the population is so laid back and apathetic they won’t understand what is going on until they find themselves in breadlines.
      The Posey Parker situation is just evidence of how lunatic the place is becoming. Let what is happening here be a warning to the rest of you before it’s too late.

      1. I have to chuckle to think that this is where our billionaire overlords want to flee when TSHTF. It will be Lord of the Flies writ large.

        1. The billionaires would likely bring their blackwater like security apparatus with them; so maybe “Lord of the Flies writ large” for the “serfs” not for their new feudal “lord and masters”.

  2. Their absurdity, hatred, and extremism can’t be parodied anymore because they’ve exceeded what any critic or comic would make up about them.

  3. Sometimes, when one is so full of peace, love, and tolerance it bubbles up and overflows in fists, feet, and profanity.

  4. Speaking of political persecutions waiting for you folks to wade in on the upcoming one for Donald Trump. Will the Bragg Grand Jury indict the “ham sandwich” of Trump or not? A case whose star witness is a disbarred attorney convicted of perjury contradicted by his own former attorney…and a porn star (prostitute)? Wonder what the delay was for did he (Bragg) just need more time to browbeat the jury into submission? Did they (the jury) dare to show some independent cognitive reasoning?

    1. Bragg exposes himself to some pretty serious legal jeopardy, perhaps including disbarment, if he goes to trial without a case.

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