The QAnon Shaman

…has gotten an early release from prison.

Chansley will have some time to consider [a lawsuit], and as of now he has not been exonerated or had his plea vacated. He has simply been released early.

The January 6th prosecutions have been a farce. It’s not that the rioters deserve no consequences for their actions. They do.

But the response has been utterly disproportionate to the cause. The fiction that this was an insurrection, not a riot, is absurd on its face. Putting rioters in solitary confinement for months to pressure them into guilty pleas? Unforgivable.

There is still a lot of injustice to rectify.

7 thoughts on “The QAnon Shaman”

  1. I wonder what kind of discovery will be available as the protesters start filing lawsuits, in terms of uncovering collusion between the DoJ and the January 6th committee members and staffers?

  2. “early release”
    is that a fact?
    Was it uncommonly early, expectedly early?
    The article has been updated. It apparently has nothing to do with recently released videos.
    His lawyer:
    “Jake was released on exactly the time frame that I predicted to him”

    George Turner above said:
    “…uncovering collusion between the DoJ and the January 6th committee members and staffers?”
    That’ll happen just after Hillary and Bill gets busted for deleting emails in the white house travel office firings investigation (ahh… the good old days of watching old people argue about PST files on C-SPAN, then reading the freepers’ comments about how they are going to be in sooo much trouble. Admittedly, I might have just dreamt that last part.

  3. That horned hat needs to become a permanent fixture in the Senate Chamber. The House has its Mace , which must be placed upon its pedestal before a session can officially begin. I think the same observance of solemnly placing the horned hat in a place of honor should be a requirement before the Senate can conduct business.

    1. I think it deserves a place in the Smithsonian Institution Museum of American History.

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