6 thoughts on “Climate Alarmism”

  1. Dead whales and dolphins have been washing up all up and down the eastern US seacoast since sonar mapping the sea bed for offshore wind turbine development began. Remarkably Greenpeace and the Sierra Club have been noticeably silent. No calls for a moratorium until studies can be conducted to rule out possible cause and effect? In fact, no calls for any studies? Why not?

    1. Whales emit more per-capita CO2 than any animal on the planet. We need to take measures to deal with them.

  2. Mountains festooned with derelict wind turbines abandoned after their tax credits were spent. Forests cut down to burn as (quote) renewable biomass (un-quote). Third World plantations of monoculture crops …aslo sustainable™. The old school conservationists at least had a rules they seemed to follow that made sense.

    1. Appears according to the story South Australia is a province but New South Wales and Victoria are states. Left unsaid were any entities identified as provincial states. I guess this comes about from writing whilst upside down?

  3. The moral of the fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”:

    A liar will not be believed, even when telling the truth.

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