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  1. I haven’t watched Fox for so long, I no longer remember when I quit watching. I know the only time I saw Tucker Carlson on TV was his appearance in Season 3 of DWTS. I’m not just not into TV news and all of its sensationalism. I’m happy that Tucker was a voice to opinions I may have agreed, but I don’t need to hear them.

    Looking at the overall ratings of TV news; I think most people get news elsewhere, and elsewhere isn’t newspapers. It also isn’t Buzzfeed. This is really good news to me, because it suggests more people get their news from more direct sources. I think Tucker will become one of those sources. Perhaps on Substack or a similar platform.

    1. Most people get their news from the feeds FaceBook and Google serve them. You can include Microsoft for the people who use Edge and don’t turn all that crap off.

  2. “Over the past 18+/- months,”

    Tucker’s transformation happened a lot earlier than that.

    I find that site a little too conspiratorial but there was some information I hadn’t read elsewhere.

    Everyone is guessing right now about why Tucker was fired and what he will do. Previous speculation at conservative treehouse wasn’t very reliable.

      1. I think Murdoch bought out his entire three year contract, though perhaps I’m misinterpreting that to imply Tucker was paid $60 million, as I’m not sure when the contract was due to end.

  3. $20 Million is pocket change compared to the supposedly reported
    $787.00 Billion settlement.

    And future judgements from other pending cases.

    Murdoch is losing it all. Has been.

  4. My bad. Really, my bad.

    Caught up in the moment. Not paying attention
    It was the lesser part of the point though.

    Many overlapping monetary calculations led to these decisions.

    Accounting is not so different from poker.

    1. I am 47 years an engineer. You are correct. People need to read the “units” of your dollar amounts.

  5. The latest news is that Mr. and Mrs. Carlson are “focusing on the important things in life.”

    What might these be but (spoken in the English language colored by an Austrian accent of the German language), “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women.”

  6. I read of the “Carlson reality”:

    During Tucker’s red pill absorption phase, he changed views on a variety of subjects from the FBI to the Fourth Branch of Government, to vaccination and COVID-19, to his views on Donald Trump as a disruption to an increasingly admitted corrupt political machine.

    Context in the Tucker worldview expanded and he began to frame the conflict in a big picture of Good -vs- Evil. Unfortunately for Carlson, this view was from inside a multinational corporate system spreading the darkness. He had to be removed.

    This is the reality of the situation as it unfolded. Accept it or not, it matters not. This is the Carlson reality.

    The real Carlson reality is that he was a key part of extensive lying at Fox News concerning the 2020 elections. For a glaring example:

    “Sidney Powell is lying” about having evidence for election fraud, Carlson said via text on Nov. 16, 2020 to a Fox News producer, referring to one of Trump’s lawyers.

    That’s what Tucker was saying a mere two weeks after the 2020 elections. Did you ever hear him say that on air? No it took two years and a major lawsuit for defamation before that was revealed.

    For me, it is amazing that someone is so willing to apologize for Carlson when there is this huge credibility problem. Red pilling for 18 months won’t cut it. A lot of poor suckers have suffered for believing these lies and acting on them – years in federal prison. It’s time to remember who lies.

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