4 thoughts on “On Friendship With Self-Righteous Cowards”

  1. If Mar-a-Largo were an island off the coast of NY State, I’m sure it’d be surrounded by coastal fortresses ready to cannonade upon it at a moments notice…

  2. I actually saw a couple masked up (cloth masks!) outside this past weekend at an outdoor shopping mall and they weren’t elderly. Maybe they were already sick and protecting me? Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket*….

    *They were walking too slowly for thievery…

  3. Most of the people I see wearing masks are picking kids up from grade school or are being picked up from grade school. Outside of the school, most are young adults. A good fraction are riding bikes.

  4. Berenson’s story reminds me of the apocalyptic episode from the original The Twilight Zone, known as “The Shelter” only flipped around.

    In that episode, instead of the neighbors being all apologetic for their horrible behavior during an a-bomb panic and wanting to forget how they treated the one family on the block that had a shelter, who, after experiencing first hand the threat to their lives from their manic neighbors can neither forgive nor forget. Instead here it’s the reverse. Berenson is the party willing to reach out to forgive and forget, but it’s the one’s who led the panic who cannot.

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