5 thoughts on “Carless, Sexless Teenagers”

  1. By some accounts the young Richard Nixon set his sights on marrying a certain Pat Ryan, but she was initially cool to him.

    Not deterred, Richard would drive to her to meet with other men she was seeing. Not every young person had their own car immediately after WW-II, even in L.A..

    I asked my mom, what kind of guy would humiliate himself to do that. Her reply was, “The man was quite clever — he was seeing that her interactions with these other men were chaste.”

    Do you think there is a logic to to parents being “OK” with a daughter not bothering to learn to drive. “You need a ride? Sweetie, it is not a problem!”

  2. The much larger cost to acquire a car doesn’t help.
    Do a little calculation on just how many hours you would have to work at a job a high school student could do (is allowed to do) in order to buy a junker.
    Realize that this calculation is pointless as almost all of them are doing volunteer makework to pad their college application, so they aren’t even making a wage (for some reason getting paid for this stuff disqualifies it).
    Also, not having a car does not mean not having sex. Especially with today’s form-fitting seats, it doesn’t really increase the opportunities. Saying otherwise is an exercise in nostalgia I think.

    1. But if could give you throat cancer?

      Dad’s, encourage your school-age sons to take the HPV vaccine?

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