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  1. Patricia and I were much more mixed when we met than we are now.

    I’ve heard you were trying to get the vote out for Gus Hall at Michigan before you met Patricia. She’s been a good influence on you.

  2. I think the older generations had an easier time with this but anyone who came of age this century (sorry to make everyone feel extra old) has a much tougher challenge.

    This is due to the younger generations of Progressive Marxists being raised with more Marxist religiosity rather than the tradition foundation of American values and Christian influence that people who came of age last century had.

    In the past, I’ve had great conversations about contentious issues with the hippie aged people but it is impossible to have these conversations with people younger than that because they lack the frame of reference and are so wrapped up in their superiority complexes. As budding totalitarians, they are not tolerant, open minded, or civil.

  3. In the past, a “mixed marriage” referred to religion.

    For example, when a guy I know from Holy Redeemer married a woman from Our Lady Queen of Peace. This fellow was really old-fashioned. After the wedding, he made his wife attend Holy Redeemer.

  4. The first (and most incredible) of this kind of “mixed marriage” is that of James Carville and Mary Matalin, who have been (apparently happily) married since 1993. They have two children, one of whom I saw on as an infant which the proud parents brought with them to a TV interview. As much as I hate to say it, it was the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.

    When my wife of 6 years and I first dated, nearly 40 years ago, we didn’t really get to know much about each others views on things (we were, rather scandalously, otherwise occupied all the time). Reuniting in 2013, we discovered that, despite coming from backgrounds that couldn’t be more different, we had so much in common that our lives now are both richer than they have ever been.

    1. As much as I hate to say it, it was the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.

      Well, to be fair, it was James Carville’s kid.

      But seriously, that was an amazing and hard-to-believe couple.

      1. Funny, I was having trouble coming up with Carville’s name (getting old sucks), so I started Duck Duck Go, and typed in “pumpkinhead’. “Carville” immediately appeared as a suggested keyword, the very first one!

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